Lisa: I have Ben here today. Good morning, Ben.

Ben: Good morning, Lisa.

Lisa: We asked you to tell your story to our listeners. It’s a very encouraging story. First of all, what brought you into Prather Practice?

Ben: Well, I’m a southsider – I’m from Greenwood – and I had some friends that came up here and I had heard about the depth of your blood tests. I hadn’t been to the medical doctor in a few years and I really felt like I wanted to have a blood test just to kind of gauge where I was health-wise. I knew I wasn’t very healthy and I came up here mainly for that reason. When I came into your office I noticed the advertisement for the weight loss program you have.

Lisa: Was weight loss important to you?

Ben: I was at the highest weight I had ever been in my life. I knew I needed to do something so I came up here to get a blood test to get a baseline to move forward with exercise and other diets that I could come up with or was able to find. Then I was able to talk you all about what you had to offer.

Lisa: You’ve been coming for how long now?

Ben: Since about March.

Lisa: So 4 months?

Ben: I originally came in March and started the diet around Easter, so April 12th.

Lisa: So tell us a little about the diet and what kind of results you’ve seen.

Ben: I’ve never heard of it before – the HCG diet – and what it all entailed. But my results have been great. In a little over 2 and a half months I am down over 60 lbs.

Lisa: Wow. That’s got to be encouraging.

Ben: Oh, it is. I have a ways to go, I’m not at the end point yet. My energy level is up, my breathing is easier, when I bend over to tie my shoes I don’t get out of breath. My clothes are a lot looser. It’s all positives.

Lisa: I remember pretty quickly you had to change your belt and the hole you were using. You’ve celebrated a lot of great results. We’ve been in this room celebrating and I’ve been teary-eyed at what you’ve accomplished. You’ve lost 60 lbs in 2 ½ months. You’re now into Phase 3 – there are 3 phases to HCG – you’re now in the maintenance phase. Although you’ve been loosing some even in the maintenance phase.

Ben: Right. It really scared me coming off the HCG. How would my body react and how would I go forward? But part of the diet is it resets your system and how your whole thought about food. That has been a huge change. Not just the physical but also the emotional and mental side of it, I’m just thinking healthier. I’m thinking “What is better for me?” instead of just trying to fill a void. I’m thinking healthier overall.

Lisa: What things have you noticed?

Ben: Late night eating I would grab a hostess or a chocolate milk or eat some pizza. But now, instead of going through the drive-thru at McDonald’s or Burger King I will stop at a local health food store and grab some chicken breast and an organic apple or two and that’s my lunch! So it’s quite a bit different. I park further out in the parking lot now, I think about walking and exercising more. It hasn’t been hard. The diet itself isn’t hard, but it really comes down to a daily meal-to-meal plan. We can eat so unconsciously. You sit in front of the TV and eat a bag of potato chips or you go through the drive-thru and you buy what’s cheapest – the 2 for $5 special. On this diet, you really start to rethink “What’s better for my body”. Plus, I have my first grandchild on the way in October and that really set things in motion and got me thinking “I really want to be around a few years for this child.”

Lisa: Now you’re in phase 3 and you’ve made some decisions about exercise. Let’s talk about that.

Ben: In the early phases of the diet they suggest no strenuous exercise but walking is promoted. I was doing about 8,000-10,000 steps per day with my trust-y pedometer. I’ve not been without my pedometer since March. But with phase 3 now I am picking up the exercise. I go to church on the south side and we have an athletic facility. There is a bicycle or spinning class that I’ve become a part of, and racquetball. I’m really looking to – now that I feel better – pick up the exercise, along with the better eating, to help me keep losing as I move forward toward my goal.

Lisa: I’m just so proud of you and the changes you made. I remember during one of our first sessions you would talk about fast food and how often you would go.

Ben: Well, I’m in outside sales so from breakfast to dinner I am all over the city and all over the state. I’m always thinking about the next appointment so I’m often thinking “I’m going to slide in here at noon and get something or slide in before this appointment and get something.” Now that I keep things on paper and keep track of my food, the amount of food and the types of food that I was taking in is kind of scary.

Lisa: You’ve done some supplementation also. Has that helped?

Ben: No doubt about it. Coming here to The Prather Practice and having the weekly support, the assist with supplements, the encouragement, the HCG… it’s the whole package that really has given me success. It’s my decision-making too, when I am out there on my own, knowing what is best for my body and trying to put that in, but also having the support of you all is phenomenal.

Lisa: If someone is out there listening and they’ve been wanting to lose weight or get healthy, what would you say to them?

Ben: I’ll be honest with you, I was over 400 lbs. I am trying to lose between 180-200 lbs so 62+ is… I’m on my way but I’m not at my goal. My situation was that I could not look at a diet and think about only losing a pound or two a week. It was going to take too long. I needed something that was going to give me a boost and get me going on my way to a healthier life. If you’re thinking about diet or surgery – I had a friend who was really pushing me to have gastric bypass surgery and do that whole invasive remedy but after looking at that it just wasn’t something I wanted to do. I feel like I should have enough control and fortitude to do the right thing. This HCG diet plan has given me the tools I need to move forward and I have no doubt I am going to reach my goal. It may take a year, it may take a year and a half but I haven’t had any setbacks. Every step has been a step forward. I would definitely encourage anyone to at least look at it and see if it is right for them.

Lisa: You even had a big family reunion during this time.

Ben: Yeah. Well, you know May and June you’re talking weddings, graduations, we had a family reunion. I looked at the dessert table and ate some grapes. It would have been great to have some cobbler or a piece of pie, but I know that right now I am rebuilding my house and rebuilding myself. I can have that later. The fruit, the meats that we had, the salads still taste wonderful and I feel better knowing it is better for my body. I don’t have the guilt afterwards. To be able to do that has been wonderful.

Lisa. We’re so proud of you and I know you’re going to reach your goal. Thank you.

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