Lisa: I have Linsey here, who has been coming to The Prather Practice for how long?

Linsey: 15 years.

Lisa: 15 years. You were in college?

Linsey: I was, yes.

Lisa: Well, I know you wanted to tell your story. What brought you in 15 years ago?

Linsey: My mom, actually. She started as a patient here and she was so enthusiastic and excited about it that she made sure everyone she knew came in and I was on that list.

Lisa: That’s good! She’s taking care of her kids. What brought you into the Prather Practice at the beginning?

Linsey: Just, she wanted me to get checked out. I didn’t have any major complaints, as an 18 year old. But, I came in and my eyes were opened at all of the things that were offered here and it was more than I knew about health at that point.

Lisa: So it was more preventative wellness at that point?

Linsey: Yes, but since then I have come in for a lot of different issues. Like last year, I had a knee problem and a year later I have no issues whatsoever. I’m completely better. Dr. Prather fixed that problem for me, which was a major issue because I have young children and I had trouble getting around and taking care of them with my knee. I haven’t had any problems for a while now.

Lisa: What other services do you receive here, or have you in the last 15 years.

Linsey: One thing I use often is the EDS because when me or my husband or my children get sick, the doctor can’t do much. Like, “you have a virus” but when you come here and get the EDS you can pinpoint the problem and get supplements that you feel good about giving to your kids and you are confident about what you are giving them, and treating what is going on with them. Because when you’re going through it, it’s stressful!

Lisa: So you have 2 small children, so you’ve brought them in also, just like your mom brought you in. So you talked about the EDS, which, for our listeners out there is the electro-dermal screening and you usually get the diagnostics with that- bloodwork and…

Linsey: Yes, oh yes. And it really helps us figure out exactly what is going on and you don’t get that anywhere else.

Lisa: Yeah, it’s a nice preventative. Is that something you do on an annual basis?

Linsey: Yes. Probably more than annual. Whenever something comes up or I feel like something is going on with them, I make sure to bring them in.

Lisa: Has your husband been treated here, too?

Linsey: He has. He’s been helped a lot. He has neck issues to the point where he can’t even put his shoes on. So we’ve come in here and he hasn’t had neck issues for years. But when he does, this is the first place we go and we know where to get help.

Lisa: I like the fact that you talk about if your children or you come down with something you come here first for the natural supplementation.

Linsey: Absolutely. That would be my first pick every time.

Lisa: So you aren’t dealing with side effects and your children aren’t dealing with side effects.

Linsey: Right. You know what you’re giving them is pure and natural and it’s not going to be harmful. Like, you give them rounds of antibiotics and you know that’s going to take something out of them or lower their immunity and when you come here with the things you have there, that’s not going to happen.

Lisa: The homeopathics are so helpful and don’t harm. So your kids are okay with taking them?

Linsey: Oh, they love them! Especially the elderberry syrup. They think it’s so cool to take supplements. They ask for it!

Lisa: So you probably have in your medicine cabinet the elderberry syrup and the spongatos cough syrup?

Linsey: We do, at all times.

Lisa. That’s neat! So I know recently you have been in for our Healthy Habits weight loss program. Do you want to share with our listeners about that experience?

Linsey: I am so thrilled about that. I tried for 8 or 9 months to lose weight and I got nowhere. I tried eating right, I tried working out and being active, but nothing was working for me. But coming in here and getting the bloodwork and then going through the program, I have lost 17 lbs in 21 days. I feel great and I am exactly where I want to be. I feel so much better.

Lisa: And your goal was to lose 15 lbs. We did the HCG injections with you with the lower calorie. How did that go?

Linsey: It really wasn’t hard! You get into the habit and it creates a healthy habit out of it so you can’t go back to the way you were eating and living before. It’s like your stomach and your brain learn to communicate with each other again by going through this. That’s been great because I know I’ll be able to continue. I won’t gain it all back because I know what it feels like to be full again. I know I can stop myself from eating everything on my plate.

Lisa: It does work with the brain. Your brain gets used to being a certain weight and some people feel stuck. But they don’t need to feel stuck. Now there are 3 phases and you are in phase 3. How is that going?

Linsey: It’s going great! I’m on the last 3 days after I’m done with HCG. I’ve already made my meal plans and I am excited to have some new foods in there.

Lisa: Tell our listeners about the smoothie.

Linsey: Oh yes! Instead of eating the fruit that you can have, I would throw a handful of strawberries or a half of orange in the blender with some ice, water and vanilla stevia. Vanilla stevia was amazing! I put it in everything. You put it in the blender and blend it up and it’s like a strawberry smoothie! I looked forward to those every day. It’s like having a dessert.

Lisa: So if there is someone listening out there who wants to get healthy or lose weight, what would you say to them?

Linsey: If you are having trouble doing it on your own, like I was, then if you follow this program and if you come in and get evaluated, it works! It takes all of the hard work out of it and all of the frustration. You just follow what is laid out for you and the weight will come off!

Lisa: Yes. And what is nice about Phase 3 is we are dealing with portion control and healthy lifestyle. We don’t just stop at HCG, you continue for 6 weeks after that towards a healthy lifestyle.

Linsey: It resets your thoughts to where you don’t crave the things that you crave before this. You don’t want to go out and get a candy bar. You celebrate the little things like a piece of avocado or something like that instead of worse choices you can make.

Lisa: What is the major change that you’ve noticed?

Linsey: Well, I’ve noticed my clothes size has changed. I had some clothes I put away in a box because I hoped that I would get down to the size I was before I had kids. And I got there! So I was able to open the box up that I had kept and put them all back in my closet. That was really exciting for me. I knew that I didn’t hold on to those for no reason!

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