Lisa: We’re talking today about our Healthy Habits weight loss program at the Prather Wellness Center. We have Marc here, who is in his 5th week. He started the program right after the new year. Marc, what brought you into The Prather Wellness Center?

Marc: Initially, my wife came to deal with a severe back injury and over the months that she’s been coming we started talking about doing something to improve my overall health. She spoke with them initially about the program and as the year progressed we decided that after the 1st of the year we would give it a try. So that’s how we ultimately ended up here.

Lisa: And you wanted to focus on weight loss, correct? So tell our listeners what your goals were for weight loss.

Marc: Ultimately, it was not just about weight loss – obviously that was the focus – it was just my general health. I did not feel well physically, mentally and emotionally it had an effect. So we decided that weight loss would be the place to begin and hopefully it would improve the overall picture. And it has, so far.

Lisa: And I know when you first came to us, we did a bioimpedance analysis, and your body fat percentage was at 37.1%. Today is week 5, why don’t you let our listeners know how much weight you’ve lost? I really want to kind of brag on you. You’ve really taken this seriously. You live in Illinois so we’ve been texting back and forth because you can’t have the weekly counseling. You’ve been very committed to this. Talk about the results you’ve seen.

Marc: First and foremost, we live about 3 hours away so when we decided to do it we committed to it because we knew that the travel by itself was a jump. As far as results, I’ve lost roughly 47 lbs as of this morning and my body fat percentage is now at 22-23%. I’ve had some great results. I am very happy, I know that my attitude and general health feel so much better. I haven’t felt this good in a long time which, again, was one of the goals. I wanted to feel better as a whole. I have a 2-year-old. I am an older new parent – I’m 44 years old as opposed a young new parent – so my 2-year-old understands “I want to play, dad” not “Dad’s old and tired.” I needed to change that and that’s been one of the biggest benefits. I’m more active and I want to play with my daughter and I want to do those things. The physical results have been great but the mental and emotional results have been even better.

Lisa: I know you have a very supportive wife. I met with both of you at the beginning of this and spoke about your daughter and being able to play with her. With spring coming up you are already thinking about activities you can do that you weren’t able to do. Tell our listeners how your lifestyle has changed.

Marc: My energy level is beyond what I thought it would be, even in this short amount of time. I remember our initial consultation and you said “so and so had done it and they found that they had an extra hour in the day that they didn’t have before because they were waking up a little earlier and going to bed a little later because they have the energy to do that”. I set my alarm for 6 and I’m up by 5:20 most days getting stuff done and I think that is where I see the difference. The tasks that I have to do – whether they are things I want to do or I have to do – my enthusiasm for doing them is much higher. I am a lot more productive than I was before, both physically and mentally. I feel like I get my day done better and faster than I did before.

Lisa: You are at the end of phase 2 and when we see you again you’ll be starting phase 3. What is your ultimate goal? What would you like to see happen? I know so much change for the good has already happened in such a short amount of time. In 5 weeks, you have gone from 37% body fat to 23%. That’s wonderful. You still have a goal to get under 22% body fat and you want to lost a little more weight before you reset. In phase 3 we’re going to reset and that will be kind of your set weight at that point. I know there are certain foods you just love to eat. How have your eating habits changed?

Marc: I’m much more aware. When I made my daughter a snack, I would oftentimes share that snack and, I think, do it unconsciously. When I prepared meals, I’d take a bite and a bite and a bite and a bite and ultimately eat a meal and then sit down and eat another meal and not think about the fact that you’ve done that. You essentially have doubled the amount of calories that you’re putting in your system in that same amount of time. I’m much more aware than I was before. It’s not necessarily the number of calories, it is more realizing what is a reasonable serving of whatever it is that I am eating. As far as continued goals, I honestly want to be able to continue on with what I am doing and be able to maintain it. I want to incorporate these things that I’ve become aware of and make those habit, as opposed to previous habits, which were unconsciously throwing 3 goldfish in my mouth or taking 3 bites of macaroni when I am making it for supper, not realizing that 10 oz. of protein is enough and I don’t need 20, giving my body the opportunity to realize “you’re full. You don’t need to eat any more.” It’s incorporating the things I have become aware of and making them habit.

Lisa: If we have a listener out there that would like to get healthier, would like to lose weight, doesn’t have the energy for their grandchildren or their child, or just wants a better quality of life, what would you say to them?

Marc: It’s really up to you. You have to make the commitment. You can have all the support – you guys have been great and my wife has been great – but as an individual you have to make the decision that you want to do it and then you have to tell yourself to. Not to brag on myself – I’m not that kind of a person – the thing I have been proudest of beyond the weight loss and physical changes is that I only cheated once in 5 weeks. If I make something for my daughter to eat that I know I can’t have on this program, instead of licking it off my thumb or my finger, I wipe it off with a napkin because I think “You can’t. If you are going to commit you have to commit wholly. You really have to make yourself do it.” My wife was very good about “I’m not preparing your meals for you. You need to do it because that’s part of the commitment. You need to understand what you’re doing.” So I think that would be what I would tell a person. You need to make yourself make that commitment. I got to a stage in my life where I was very, very tired of feeling the way I felt and realized that the only person who was going to change that was me. I am very proud of myself because in the past I would make those commitments and then crawfish on them very quickly. You have to be very clear about your level of commitment.

Lisa: Thank you, Marc. You should be very proud of yourself. 47 lbs in 5 weeks, body fat percentage of 37% 5 weeks ago and 23% now. Keep up the good work and we’re here to support you!

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