I was rear-ended in an automobile accident…I had a lot of pain up and down my spine, in my neck and a lot of issues with mobility. After the initial x-rays and evaluation, the first procedure that was performed was an atlas adjustment, which I was not familiar with at the time. That one particular procedure changed everything. I felt 100% better following that. The chiropractic adjustments, the rehab, auricular therapy and massage got me from that feeling good place to a place of normalcy where I was used to feeling like that…

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I tried for 8 or 9 months to lose weight and I got nowhere. I tried eating right, I tried working out and being active, but nothing was working for me. But coming in here and getting the bloodwork and then going through the program, I have lost 17 lbs in 21 days. I feel great and I am exactly where I want to be. I feel so much better.

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In the early phases of the diet they suggest no strenuous exercise but walking is promoted. I was doing about 8,000-10,000 steps per day with my trust-y pedometer. I’ve not been without my pedometer since March. But with phase 3 now I am picking up the exercise. I go to church on the south side and we have an athletic facility. There is a bicycle or spinning class that I’ve become a part of, and racquetball. I’m really looking to – now that I feel better – pick up the exercise, along with the better eating, to help me keep losing as I move forward toward my goal.

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My energy level is beyond what I thought it would be, even in this short amount of time. I remember our initial consultation and you said “so and so had done it and they found that they had an extra hour in the day that they didn’t have before because they were waking up a little earlier and going to bed a little later because they have the energy to do that”.

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The External Counterpulsation Program (ECP) was very good for me, and I recommend people try it. The Prather Practice staff is fantastic, there is no invasion, you’re not hospitalized, and it is affordable. I have been to other cardiac rehabs before—after my heart attack many years ago—that had a specific program with no deviation. This one was tailored to the patient rather than the patient to the program.

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It’s fabulous. It’s very good. What happened with the brain core therapy is it complemented along with Katie’s supplements, even the behavioral issues. So, now that we’re off the seizure medications, we just do maintenance and go back to brain core once a month, just for maintenance for her. That’s something that is part of her life.

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From strep throat to allergies to disc problems, we have been helped by The Prather Practice. We appreciate the care and treatment we get at The Prather Practice. It is wonderful to find a place where each person in our family can go and get treated for all of our health care needs!

Sheryl , Indianapolis, IN
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