The Prather Body Open House



On Tuesday, June 21st from 4 – 7 pm, The Prather Practice is hosting an Open House!


Join us for this FREE EVENT, and hear an inspiring message from Dr. Robert Prather about the importance of relieving pain the natural way from 5:30 – 6 pm.

If you have a desire to find a healthy way to relieve pain, restore function and relieve stress, this is a great opportunity to find services that will help you feel better and get healthy!

The Prather Body services include:

  • Acupuncture: A technique that has been shown to be more effective than conventional treatment for migraines, back and knee pain, and SO much more!
  • Point-Stimulation Therapy: Our new state-of-the-art therapy that delivers pulses of electrical current to effectively alleviate pain and depression.
  • Auricular Therapy: A treatment that stimulates pressure points in the ear to treat a variety of health conditions.
  • Chiropractic Care: Can help correct misalignments while restoring the nervous system and the body’s ability to control and coordinate its many functions.

We can help you ditch the medications AND ditch the pain!

Guests will receive:
  • FREE pain assessment
  • 3 acupuncture treatments for only $59, a value of $315!

The TIME IS NOW! EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Stop by 8902 North Meridian Street, #101, Indianapolis, IN 46260. Hope to see you there!

Exclusive Offer

New patients receive 60 minute massage for only $39. Call us at 317-848-8048 to take advantage of this exclusive offer.
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