The Prather Plan


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The Prather Plan

Achieve your fitness and weight loss goals with The Prather Plan!

We’ve all made fitness and weight loss resolutions, but as old habits die hard, we have had a challenging time following through with them. In fact, according to a new Nielson Survey taken earlier this year, ‘staying fit and healthy’ was the top resolution for Americans at 37%, followed closely by ‘losing weight’ at 32% and ‘living life to the fullest’ coming in at third at 28%. However, the survey also showed that in 2014, 43% of Americans said they planned to lose weight by making healthier food choices, but 76% said they did not follow a weight loss or diet program.

Maybe you feel a ‘disconnect’ between the desire for a healthy lifestyle and knowing how to move toward that goal. The Prather Plan can help you step up to the challenge so you won’t be afraid to step on those scales and more importantly, help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Let us help you JUMPSTART your goals to LIVE LIFE to the fullest!


The Prather Plan:

  • 6, 10 or 14-week program with GUARANTEED weight loss
  • Is an individualized program that is tailored to your needs.
  • Creates healthy new habits in your life.
  • Includes The Prather Profile — a complete blood analysis.
  • Provides support throughout the entire program from a counselor and an exercise physiologist for maximum results.
  • Helps you chart a new course through nutritional counseling and a full line of vitamins, supplements, herbal formulations and homeopathic products.

Let us help you get on board TODAY to better health and wellness!

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New Year's Resolution Inspiration


Losing weight and keeping it off, while improving your health, is the best SOLUTION for your RESOLUTION. That means eating the right foods and choosing a comprehensive, medically supervised weight loss program designed just for you with a proven record of success. Forget the trendy diets and unrealistic resolutions, but instead start with a road map that actually resets your body’s metabolism for optimal fat burning and increased energy for life’s everyday activities, creating healthy habits in your life along the way.



With so many ways to exercise these days—you want to make sure you’re getting fit correctly, preventing injury and having fun along the way. What are your fitness goals? How can you stick to your goals? Make your resolutions smaller and more tangible. Instead of exercising ‘more’, try finding a specific time every day to ‘exercise regularly’ to keep you more committed to a routine. Get support from a friend or spouse to keep you motivated!


Hope is our mission at The Prather Practice and that’s just what you’ll receive from The Prather Plan. We’ll help you live life to the fullest by safely striking the right balance between losing weight, getting fit and staying healthy – striving for realistic goals and results!

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