We at The Prather Practice restore health by correcting the physical and physiological imbalances in the body, thus achieving a balanced state of health that is not possible through the use of pharmaceuticals alone. These methods of balancing the body are often called alternative medicine, although many of these practices have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years and have a well-researched and proven efficiency.

At The Prather Practice, we work to achieve a balance between alternative medicine practices and the best of mainstream medicine to provide the maximum health of the individual. If you are dissatisfied with the results of mainstream medicine or are seeking a more natural, holistic approach, The Prather Practice can be the answer to your healthcare needs.

The Prather Practice uses the most effective yet least invasive treatments and techniques to help you regain your health and create habits that will serve you well over time.

To learn more about our services, read the individual pages below. When you’re ready, you can make an appointment today to start on the path to optimal health. Call us at 317-848-8048.